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About Us
At KeyPony.Com, We combine years of professional horse race handicapping, research and technology experience to compile and publish horse racing selections and Reports for major North American thoroughbred race tracks. Our equine and related databases are maintained and updated daily, so you may have the most up-to-date information.

We are proud to have provided quality information and support to horse racing fans over the years. No matter if you are a beginner or seasoned handicapper, student of speed, pace, class or breeding, We aim to provide you with the reliable information necessary in making better horse racing handicapping decisions and investments.

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Published Reports

Detail Report:  Previous Day's Report   Report Explanation   FAQ 
Our detail report is the most information packed report we publish. Most members use this report instead of racing form or track programs to handicap races. This report will cover from basic race and horse information to complicated pace line selection, speed and pace figures. Following is a brief description of what's covered.
In each race, race number, distant, surface and basic condition and purse are covered first. Then, we show the most probable pace shape and most likely running style winners suitable for this field. Next we cover the top four in Pace, Speed, Class and Power for quick reference. The wagering menu is covered next followed but any above or bellow average trainer stats worth mentioning.

Next three rows of data will cover horse, trainer and jockey information. horse data are grouped to make it easy on pace, speed, performance and trip handicappers. We cover the last three speed ratings as well as distant, surface, finishing order and comment lines in each race. Pace players will enjoy our sophisticated system of selecting the most probable pace and pace line for each horse in the field. Other information in the a horse's profile are expected speed figure, recent class, form, sire and breeding figures. Finally we cover horses lifetime start and in the money stats for each of distant, off-track, turf and synthetic surfaces.
Jockey and trainer stats include name, win percentage and if any positive or negative change.
After all horses are evaluated, the final listing is sorted according to total points for each horse.

The following reports are used in addition to our Detail report or racing form/track program by our members.

Summary Report:  Previous Day's Report 
This report covers the basic information about our top five selections in each race. We cover wagering menu, above and below average trainer stats, Jockey and trainer win percentages and changes, last three speed ratings and speed for this race, pace figure and running style, class and form in this report. The Report you need if only interested in our top selections in each race.

Ranking Report:  Previous Day's Report   FAQ 
All entrants in each race are ranked and scored in Pace, Speed, Class and Power categories. A list of the top four contenders of each category and the Consensus points scored is published.

Performance Report:  Previous Day's Report   Report Explanation   FAQ 
This Report focuses on horse's pace lines in addition to past, recent and distance performance.

Spot Play Report:  Previous Day's Report   FAQ 
The day's top Horse Racing selections and angle plays are provided in this report. The selections will vary from solid quick plays to horses that deserve a second look when handicapping the races.

Trainer Angle/Stat Reports:  Previous Day's Report   FAQ 
Trainer Angle Reports provide qualifying angles and statistics under different Win and Return On Investment percentages for the trainer. Full Trainer Angle Report covers all trainer angles with Win and Return On Investment percentages.

Figure Handicapping Best Play Report:  Previous Day's Report 
If you play Speed, Pace and Class figures, you should give different weight to each of these three factors for each race class. Best Play Report will show you the horses that are standouts in the field most powerful for that race class.

Top Four Report:  Previous Day's Report 
Top four report is our simplest report that covers our top 5 selection in each race in a one track per page format. Included information are the fifth choice in case of a scratch for super players, total points and win contender indicator.

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Program (P) Number Field $= KeyPony L= Longshot ^= Power advantage
Angle (Ang) Play Field *= WIN contender @= Positive distant switch F= Beaten favorite
B= Breeding angles R= Race prep D= Distant prep f= Form angles
o= Bullet work in past 10 days s= Shipper (contenders) b+= Blinkers on / b-= Blinkers off L1= Lasix 1st time (no first timers)
t= Track specialist ID= Insufficient data HC= Hot connections   
CLS= Recent class Sty= Running style Q= Desire to lead SP1= Speed rating 1 back
SP2= Speed rating 2 back SP3= Speed rating 3 back Dirt= Dirt breeding Turf= Turf breeding
Wet= Mud breeding Dist= Distant breeding ?= Small sample (Breeding) *= Very small sample (Breeding)
DB= Days back to last race W= Work out in past 10 days (100=Bullet) FM= Form rating Pars= Pace & Speed pars
Last 3 surface fields >>> LS = Last surface LS2 = Surface 2 back LS3 = Surface 3 back
+/- Within 1 Furlong +x/-x Furlongs longer or shorter (Rounded)  d/D = Dirt    A = All weather   t/T = Turf    X = Off the turf 
EP= Early Pace rating TSP= Turn Speed rating LP= Late Pace rating SPD= Speed rating
PT= Total points scored T= Trainer win% J= Jockey win% PWR= Power Rating
C- in Jockey/Trainer is a negative change C+ in Jockey/Trainer is a positive change C= in Jockey/Trainer is a neutral change   
HLS= Horse's Lifetime Starts HDS = Horse's Distant Starts HDI = Horse's Distant In the money HAS = Horse's All weather Starts
HAI = Horse's All Weather In the money HTS = Horse's Turf Starts HTI = Horse's Turf In the money HWS = Horse's Wet Starts
HWI = Horse's Wet In the money BSPD = Horse's Best Speed rating      
Comment Fields Include >> (Finish position / Total entrants) Last track if a shipper Comment = Last race comment
Com2 = Race comment 2 back Com3 = Race comment 3 back DB2 = Layoff before last race   

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